Bite in the Air

There’s a bite in the air and winter is definitely upon us but I'm afraid that doesn’t mean you can sit on the sofa and call it Christmas! 

Your kids still need to get out!

Scarily, a fifth of children don’t play outdoors at all on an average day. We’ve all plonked our kids in front of an ipad so we can get something done but that needs to be balanced with blowing off a bit of steam outside.

The list of benefits of doing sport is almost endless: better sleep, stronger bones, greater happiness, reduced anxiety and so on! These benefits aren’t just about physical health, they help improve mental wellbeing as well. Being outside has also been linked to a kids mental health because it helps them build greater self-confidence, have a sense of freedom and use their imagination.  

In fact, it goes even further. Researchers have found that being close to nature helps to boost children’s attention span and fosters creative play, which relieves symptoms of attention deficit disorders.

Most kids sports clubs are looking out for the talented kids, which sadly means that kids who aren’t naturally sporty are being pushed to one side or even asked to leave, which means they stop enjoying sport altogether.

We’ve heard this happening to kids as young as five. If they’re giving up sport this young, then they are missing out on a huge part of their physical and mental development. Every kid should be able to enjoy sport.

Rugby is fantastic for developing a range of sports skills and social confidence as well as instilling vital principles like teamwork and discipline!! So playing rugby outside just about covers every base!

We totally understand it's hard to motivate yourself when it's so cold and dark but it’s absolutely vital that kids continue to do sport outside throughout the winter.

So the key here is to wrap up warm, get outside, do sport and have lots and lots of fun!

Happy Kids

Being a parent is unbelievably hard, it’s exhausting, we worry all the time and we just want our kids to be happy! Easier said than done..!

Here are 5 things I think make for happier kids. Don’t get me wrong, I need reminding of these myself but they certainly do work!

1.    It Starts With You

If you’re happy, then you can handle whatever the little treasures throw at you. If you’re worried about something and your kid throws their entire breakfast over the wall, you’re not likely to handle it calmly!! No one is happy all the time but find time throughout the day to do something that makes you happy.

2.    A Little Bit Of Time

Give them your undivided attention. If you’re always busy, you won’t be able to handle their totally irrational behaviour! Leave your phone in the other room so you don’t check it every minute. Do something with them; making slime might be more fun than you thought! Have dinner with them; it’s a great time to chat, plus you get a bit of your evening back!

3.    Prepare Them

Give your kids plenty of notice about what’s about to happen, don’t spring things on them. If they’re drawing and you tell them to stop immediately and come for a bath, it will invariably be met with “Wait, I’m just……”. And we all know how that goes down! Give them a 10 minute warning and time to finish up what they’re doing. It’s not a choice for them but the whole process is happier if they’re prepared!

4.    A Spoonful Of Sugar

If your kids are not ‘morning people’, maybe they just need a little boost first thing? Leave a biscuit beside their bed so they get that sugar hit as soon as they wake up. Snacks throughout the day help keep them happy but you have to balance that with not ruining their appetite and keeping healthy teeth.

5.    Get Outside

Children don’t go to a park and just stand still, they run! Being outside gives them a sense of freedom, which improves their imagination and makes them happier. Go to outdoor clubs, take them to the park after school….. being outside keeps them physically healthy as well as improves mental health and helps with behavioural issues.

Good Luck and stay happy!