An Incredibly Rewarding Part-Time Business

  • You watch the kids develop into confident, happy, engaged children

  • Outdoor exercise is so good for their mental and physical well-being

  • Rugby teaches the great principles of discipline, respect and healthy competition

  • Parents, grandparents, aunties, dogs and teddies are all welcome!

There's More Good news!

  • You can make over £20,000 a year, running just two 1-hour sessions on a Saturday!

  • It’s realistic to spend just 3 - 5 hours a week running your club

  • As you’re outside, you could have more than 50 kids per session (£7/session)

  • Booking admin and customer service is done for you, so you can focus on planning awesome sessions, scheduling your coaches and doing local marketing

  • Minimum requirement is two sessions a week in term time but you can do more!

What Investment is Required?

  • Starting a new territory: £4,995

  • Buying an existing, profitable club: from £7,995

  • This covers your training, kit, territory exclusivity and first years public liability insurance

  • Marketing spend requirement: £300 per term

Are Any Of These Statements True?

  • You’re not ready to give up your job but would love to run your own business

  • You’d love to earn more money without lots of extra hours

  • You want to do something rewarding in-between school runs!

  • You’d love to run a business with your partner

  • You’re passionate about getting kids active

  • You want do something that makes a difference

Plus, There's Another Option....

If you want to start a club but don't have the franchise fee upfront, we have a Business Partner option where we will help you get started.

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I started a Try Time club to do something different. I had no idea it would be the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!
— Jason Treloar, St Albans
It just doesn’t feel like work! It’s literally my favourite part of the week!
— Desmond Grant, Battersea Park