Head Coach and Business Partner!

We want to help you grow your own business!

We are looking for great sports coaches who want to run their own business! We want to partner with coaches who can entertain kids and bring our huge list of games and activities to life. Together we will grow your club until you are ready to run it as your own business. 

Starting a business can be risky and costly, often taking two years before you make money. A Try Time Club will make money within the first year. You will need to invest upfront in marketing, finding coaches and arranging the park location which will cost you around £700. We will invest over £1,000 in all the kit you need to get started, your upfront training and first years public liability insurance.

Over time, as well as earning an income, you will be buying the business from us using the profit the club makes as it grows. We will help you every step of the way to becoming the owner of your own kids rugby club!

Our support won’t stop there, we continue to train you, offer marketing support and run all of your admin for you. It’s the easiest way to start a very lucrative business, doing something that you love – teaching kids to enjoy sport.

In year two, we predict that you will make over £6,500 profit for 156 hours of work, which is £42 an hour! Year three is even higher. Our biggest club made over £12,000 profit last year and they only run two sessions on a Saturday, in term time only!

Your job as a Head Coach and Business Partner will be to grow the Try Time club within your area, which means running high energy sessions every week, finding and training great coaches to support you as well as executing a marketing plan to bring more kids along.

You should:

  • Be Upbeat and Lively

  • Have Coached Kids Sports

  • Be Confident

  • Be Reliable and Trustworthy

You'll be fully trained on the games, how to run the session and also how to run your own business.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!

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