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Our games are designed to do more than just teach kids sports skills..... they help develop lifelong skills like teamwork, confidence, determination, collaboration, discipline.....

and how to enjoy sport.

kids rugby clubs

Kids charge about playing Dinosaur Hunter, Cheeky Pixies and Dodge the Dragon before stealing treasure, leaping over snake pits and racing against swamp monsters! The older kids play Tag Rugby and you should see some of the skills they pull out...!!!

We have a high ratio of coaches to kids, so kids rarely stand still. Our games are adapted to the kids each week, to develop their overall sports skills.

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Each session is an hour long with a snack break, to give us plenty of time to warm up, play all their favourite games and then shout TRYYY TIIIME really loudly at the end!

We operate during term times, with a break for school holidays. Terms dates can be found on each clubs page.

** This bit is important ** We are outside whatever the weather. We will not cancel because of rain, sleet, fog, snow, badgers or leaves on the line... so Parents, that means you are outside too, no excuses!!

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