Hi! We are the founders of Try Time Kids' Rugby
and parents of active kids!

Dan is married to Ben and they have two daughters. They are a really outdoors family and have so many pets its practically a zoo at their house! Horse riding is their main passion and so Dan is outside from 6am until midnight.... sort of!
Dan is in charge of all the company admin, bookings, finances, kit management, making sure everyone is happy (basically running the whole company!) and is always there if you have a question.

Jane Gomez: HEAD OF GROWING AWESOMENESS Jane is married to Chris and they have a boy and a girl who are incredibly sporty. Jane herself has played many sports, one at international level, so she absolutely loves helping more kids get outside and get active. She has run entrepreneurial businesses for over 15 years and is in charge of growing all the clubs, opening new clubs, finding awesome new Head Coach’s (only the best) and developing the overall club offering.

Chris Gomez: HEAD OF COACHING BRILLIANCE Chris started Try Time with Dan back in 2013 and is a huge rugby fan - to be honest, he loves literally every sport! He played for years but retired after getting injured too many times – Jane may have influenced that decision! He is without doubt the best coach we have ever had. His voice is almost super humanly loud and the kids absolutely love him! Chris’s career has been in international media and more recently has started another company in cycling retail.

Rachelle has over 12 years’ experience in marketing at awesome places like Sony and Avon. She has a daughter and twin boys (!!), who absolutely love Try Time! She loves family time and being outdoors which means she really believes in the Try Time ethos (phew!).
Rachelle is in charge of all marketing ideas like flyering, campaigns, competitions, partnerships etc!

Marketing Team.jpg

Amana knows everything about Social Media! She worked in strategy and marketing for 12 years before starting her own company. She has 3 kids (one is an ickle baby) so can manage our posts at 3am inbetween feeds!! She loves keeping active, talking and socialising which fits in perfecting with her career!
Amana is in charge of our digital presence across all platforms, so take a look!

Your coaches are absolutely brilliant! They totally engage with the children - we all have so much fun!

Screen time is part of growing up now but it’s important to limit that time and get them running around regularly. Sport is obviously great for a child's physical health but it also has a huge impact on their mental health. That’s why we started TryTime, to help every child of any ability learn to enjoy sport. We just love watching all the kids come along every week and have such a great time!

We are passionate about sport and encouraging our children to try lots of different things, especially if it's outdoors!

We could wax lyrical about all the great things we do, but here’s what our parents and kids say about us….

TryTime is Super Duper Awesome! I LOVE IT!!
— Finn, aged 5
kids rugby for 3 year olds
Luke has become so confident and outgoing since joining. He loves ALL OF IT!!
— Luke's Dad
kids rugby
All of the staff are great and the younger coaches are fantastic role models
— Tom's Dad
All the coaches are amazing with the children, providing fun and an incredible amount of energy!
— Dylan's Mum
Kids rugby club
I love it when I beat the boys!!
— Minni, aged 4
kids rugby clubs
My favourite part is boshing the big coaches!!
— Teddy, aged 4
I love TryTime. It’s my favourite thing to do at the weekend
— Tom, aged 2
rugby for 2 year olds
TryTime has really improved Teddy’s confidence as well as being great fun!
— Teddy's Dad
kids rugby club
We’ve been coming to TryTime for 6 weeks and in that time, Charlie has grown in confidence, ability and is thoroughly enjoying it. Highly recommended!
— Charlie's Mum