Get Outdoors With The Kids!

12 June 2019

Anyone who knows us at Try Time knows we really believe in getting kids outside in the fresh air, having fun, whatever the weather.  It’s so important to get the family outside every day - a recent study shows toddlers are outside for less than 3 hours a week! 

We make it happen every Saturday morning at Try Time Kids’ Rugby, and we LOVE it!  But sadly we can’t run all day everyday, so I thought I’d share some of our family fun things to do to inspire some time outside:

Have a race!

Have a race!

  • Have a Race!

There’s nothing quite like a straight forward running race is there? And don’t go too easy on them! When they’re two, of course they need to win but if they’re older, beat them once in a while! Young kids will look at you as they run to see if they’re winning – teach them to run their own race, to look ahead and just run as fast as they can and not worry about everyone else. Definitely teach them to NOT GIVE UP!!

  • Make a Video

    Before you go out, write the story outline. If your kids are young, you might need to help them out! Then get all the props you need and head outside. Take lots of little videos until you have got your whole movie! It is SOO easy to edit videos together on iMovie on your phone or laptop. You can add sound effects, transition effects, put words over the top. It’s a lot of fun and great to be running around outside getting super creative!

  • Create an obstacle course

Take loads of bits outside - cushions, books, bags, t-shirts - then mark out a start and a finish with two sticks. In between, lay out your objects . You all have to get from one end to the other by jumping on the items without touching the ground. Move the items around to make it harder and then time yourself! Make it a race between two teams. Hours of fun!

  • Fly a Kite

A good old fashioned kite is amazing for a laugh. I’d never flown a kite before so hadn’t got a clue how to do it, but my god it’s funny charging about the park giving it a go!!

  • Race To Find Items

Give everyone a list of 5 things to find in the garden or park and give them 5 minutes to find them all. A green leaf, white flower, very round stone, the straightest stick you can find, a seed…  

Have fun and let us know how you get on!


By Jane Gomez

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