Back to School

I love the change of pace in the Summer holidays! So as it comes to an end, I’m sharing a few things to make the start of the year a little smoother:

  • The dreaded uniform. Buy it or find it and wash it asap - nothing worse than missing a key item the night before! And don’t forget the all-important naming. I highly recommend the stamps - gone are the days of biro and sewing shame for me! 

  • BFFs. Arrange to meet up with friends so they feel closer when school starts.

  • Walk the walk. If you’re starting at a new school, pass by a few times, play in the nearby park. Getting them familiar with the surroundings and your new route, can make it seem less daunting when the big day comes.

  • Zzzzzzzzzz. Start getting back into those early nights (and mornings) about a week before term starts. It’s a horrid start to be woken up and rushed out of bed for school.

  • Prepare for the tiredness.  It never fails to surprise me how much the new term can tire them out.  For new starters, the tiredness is 3-fold! Keep after school simple, allow for a play at the park and plenty of chilling out time in the evenings.

  • Food glorious food.  All that brain energy being used up needs feeding, and my kids tend to come out of school ravenous!  Take a snack at pick up, or plan an early dinner!

  • Time and space.  It’s oh so tempting to ask them everything about their day as soon as you see them, but kids just don’t want to talk about their day straight after school!  Give them time to wind down, have a snack and chill out, it means I get a far more eager response when I ask about the day over dinner.

Getting back into the routine can be difficult for everyone. We really like this morning checklist from Parentkind to help everyone know what needs doing each morning.

Have we missed any of your top tips? Leave us a comment below with any more words of wisdom. Wishing you a great end to the Summer holidays and good luck with the new year to you and your children.