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Some may call this the ramblings of madwomen but we're pretty passionate about healthy, happy kids so here's our blog page with some of our opinions and links to other articles we like. Enjoy! 

Listen up
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Listen Up - 10 July 2019

At Try Time, we can often have classes of fifteen 3 to 4 year olds, so making sure they are listening is absolutely imperative to a fun safe kids rugby session!! Here’s a few things we do that I think might help you too!


Get Outdoors With The Kids - 17 June 2019

Anyone who know us at Try Time knows we are passionate about getting kids outside having fun.  But sadly we can’t run TT 24/7!  So here’s some inspiration to get the family outdoors.


Happy Kids  - 28th February 2019

Kids need so much attention from us to make them happy. We need to be aware of the ever changing ways of these mystical creatures!  There's no right or wrong but here are 5 things I think will help make your kids happier.

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Bite In The Air.... So What?   - 1st February 2019

It may be the last thing you want to do right now but you HAVE to get your kids outside - soz!